Product Update: Following our party

What We Learned About Little Helper at Our Launch Party

Chelsea Written by Chelsea on

At the launch party for Little Helper, many of you joined us for food, drinks, and of course, friends! The positive feedback and new ideas we received at the party have kept us busy. We have been hard at work turning your feedback into reality. Your excitement is shaping Little Helper into something that will help every family.

The first release of Little Helper solved a major issue for many households: consolidating the people you trust onto a single platform to efficiently communicate. Instead of texting/emailing/calling a succession of individual helpers and waiting for their responses, you can ask for help from all your helpers with a single click.

We’re not stopping there, though—here are a few things to expect from us soon:


Phased Event Invitations

Not all events are created equal. Need someone to watch the kids when you get called into work? The first available helper will get you out the door. But, if you’re planning a weekend getaway, you might be a little bit more choosey. Soon, when you send an event to your helpers, you’ll be able to review a list of available helpers and choose the one you prefer most.


More Than Just Babysitting

When we think of someone needing help, our primary instinct is to gravitate towards childcare, but soon you’ll be able to create Little Helper events for anything from lawn care to pet sitting to snow removal. Have a couple hours to kill on a Sunday? Why not offer to mow someone’s lawn in exchange for a few bucks? Help can come in many different forms, and we want Little Helper to support all of them.


Promote Your Availability

We are building a proactive community of peers working to help one another. Soon, you won’t have to wait for an event to offer help. Instead, you can publish your weekly availability to help your network. Are you a babysitter home on winter break? A full-time parent starting a dog-walking business on the side? Let your network know you’re there to pitch in when they need it.

We’ll be rolling out these features and more throughout the fall. As you prepare for the holidays, make sure to sign up for Little Helper to make booking the help you need much easier.